About HealthLink

We’re a proudly Canadian Health Account Spending Company

HealthLink is pioneering health solutions with a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and empowering businesses to prioritize employee well-being. HealthLink is your trusted partner in health finance.
  • Innovative Health Solutions
  • Employee Well-being Focus
  • Trusted Financial Partner
  • Simplified Benefit Process
  • Flexible Plan Options
  • Comprehensive Support System
Healthlink's mission is to empower small and medium businesses with cost-effective health solutions, ensuring employee well-being remains a top priority without compromising financial health.
Healthlink envisions a future where small and medium businesses thrive, providing comprehensive health benefits that nurture employee well-being and drive sustainable growth.

Why Trust Us?

Transparency at Every Step

Stop wasting money on premiums that you don't use and don't benefit your employees

Keep your employees happy and engaged with a benefit that is easy to use

Fast and easy processing of claims with transparency in every single number

Why Choose Us

We Help you to Build Better Employee Benefit Packages

A Health Spending Account enhances benefit packages by offering tax-efficient, flexible, and personalized health care options for employees.

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250 +

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98 %

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25 +

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10 +

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