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Health Spending Account (HSA)

Health Spending Accounts offer business owners tax-efficient ways to cover medical expenses, reduce taxable income, offer employee benefits, and retain talent, with flexibility and cost control.

Business Funds Health Spending Account

Business Funds Health Spending Account

Business contributes to HSA, treating it as a tax-deductible business expense.

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Employees Spend on Healthcare

Employees Spend on Healthcare

Employees use HSA funds for eligible medical expenses without personal tax implication.

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Company Submits Claims and Reimburse

Company Submits Claims and Reimburse

Employees submit receipts; business reimburses them, writing off the cost.

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About HealthLink

We’re a proudly Canadian Health Account Spending Company

HealthLink is pioneering health solutions with a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and empowering businesses to prioritize employee well-being. HealthLink is your trusted partner in health finance.
  • Innovative Health Solutions
  • Employee Well-being Focus
  • Trusted Financial Partner
  • Simplified Benefit Process
  • Flexible Plan Options
  • Comprehensive Support System
Healthlink's mission is to empower small and medium businesses with cost-effective health solutions, ensuring employee well-being remains a top priority without compromising financial health.
Healthlink envisions a future where small and medium businesses thrive, providing comprehensive health benefits that nurture employee well-being and drive sustainable growth.


Health Spending Account

Additional benefits such as health check up, wellness…

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Covers the loss of income that a business…

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Contract between a life insurance company and a…

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Frequent Asked Questions about HSA

Welcome to Healthlink's FAQ section. Navigate health benefits effortlessly. Your most pressing questions addressed, ensuring clarity and confidence in our services.

What is a Health Spending Account (HSA)?
An account allowing businesses to cover employees' eligible medical expenses.
How are HSAs tax-effective?
They turn medical costs into tax-deductible business expenses, reducing tax.
Which expenses qualify for HSA coverage?
Typically, dental, vision, prescriptions, and many other health-related services.

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    • Children over age 18 who are attending school full time


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